A HUGE weekend for Tim Miller Photography!

Well… what would take me from my bed at 2:41AM? (starting this post)

Just some news.  First of all, I have an awesome wedding tomorrow and I can’t wait!  I love this job so much and it’s all because of you (the people, the clients, the families).  Trust me, it’s “work”, but really… This is my job?!  To be paid to rock out photos of couples in love, older couples AT those weddings STILL in love, etc?  Sheesh… God is too good to this poor sinner (me).

So onto the awesome, bed waking, news!

1.  I have a new website on the way.  Actually it’s here, just not “live” as we say.  Do you wanna see a preview?  Click this link, http://tmillerphoto.com/charlie/index2.php  and meet Charlie.  The awesome people at bludomain.com have hooked us photographers up once agian.  Enjoy, and be warned:  It WILL change and grow and evolve over the course of my trip in Wyoming this upcoming week.

2.  Yep, you read right.  I’ll be out of the state for a June 14th wedding.  I’ll be traveling to Wyoming June 8th-18th.  I will still be accessible though, so don’t be shy to email, call and such.  I’ve even bringing all of my external harddrives so I can process orders and the like.  Don’t stop by the house though… Me no en casa!

3.  Your prayers would be much appreciated as I’m taking the whole family to Wyoming.  Why-oming? Heheh… Why would I pack my wife and kids up and travel 16 hours one way?  My brother and parents live there 3 hours from Casper (where the wedding is) and I havn’t seen them in 2 years.  My brother has adopted 2 additional kids, since!  They’ve never met their Uncle Tim, etc so it’s pretty important.

My Aunt, who is dying with liver disease is coming up too, so it’s become some type of huge family week/reunion/farewell tour.  My father has congestive heart failure as well, so it’s probably the last time I see my dad alive and my aunt Debbie as well.  So please pray… hard, if you do pray.  Our days on earth doing the Lord’s will are numbered and sadly I see what I believe are the last days of two of my dearest family members.  Oh and one for my wife and our sanity traveling with our two kids under 3! 

4.  Ok, sorry but… doesn’t Charlie rock!?!  Charlie is the name Blu gave it’s newest website design and sheesh how can it get better than that?  Awesome huge photos, clean designs, my beautiful clients rocking out the slideshows?!  It’s just too much. =o)  Ok, enough about Charlie.

Signing off… almost wedding time!  God bless you all, please feel free to email me with tips and comments here about Charlie, etc.  It’s not determined if Charlie will become more than just weddings/engagements, but we’ll see.  I own three of these sites now, so I can seperate things further for easier viewing if needed.

P.S.  – Check back next week about Thursday afternoon for some photos from Wyoming and South Dakota!

I’ve got Charles in charge of me,
Tim Miller Photography

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