Josh & Erica – A Red Vine Studios Engagement – Springfield MO

Hey everyone!  Just so you know… This is a double blog post day!  I’m about to get a little more rest before an awesome afternoon wedding today, and then I head off tonight for Louisiana, Missouri and Josh & Erica’s wedding day on July 11th 2009!  Directly following THIS blog post, is another awesome couple getting married today in Sparta, Missouri.  Please be sure to check out both awesome couples as they start their married lives together this weekend.  I am blessed with the absolute best clients in the world.  Truly gifts from God.

Josh & Erica’s engagement session happened in Springfield, Missouri… you know it, Big city style!  My new assistant Sarah, was on hand and is completely and wholeheartedly WHY these engagement photos look so awesome.  The follows me around 2-4 hours, with a portable light stand, my bag, and anything else we need for the client.  Without a doubt, she’s a BIG reason why Red Vine Studios and the work therein is so smokin’ hot.  On with the show!

We started in a secret spot I love to shoot in, that totally, completely looks like we’re off in the boondocks… except we’re not. =o)

OMG… so awesome.  Can’t hide their love, EVEN in the background. =o)

We then headed into downtown Springfield, Missouri to glam it up.

The first of MANY MANY ring shots that will hopefully bring your jaws to the floor. =o)  (And the legal)
Red Vine Studios is not liable for any dental work needed after said jaw drops to the floor.

Smogeous (Smokin-Gorgeous!) details, make me grin.  I absolutely love killer shoes… his, hers, the ground, the legs.  Killer guys!

Here’s the shot they chose for their 8×10 sign in board for their wedding day, Saturday!  Like this, but bigger, better, and black and white. =o)

I adore the look of admiration in Josh’s eyes as he look deeply at his Bride to be!  You rock Josh!

So… where do you go from all this HOTNESS?   Of course you convince a local coffeeshop to let you walk out
with their awesome glass ice cream bowls, then go have a blast sitting in the grass, eating ice cream and making out!  LOL, oh yeah!

The absolute, cutest photo from the entire session… Folks, it does NOT get any better, or more fun than this.

Let’s just say that the ice cream wasn’t just melting from the heat of the sun and summer fun. =o)

We of course returned the bowls to the coffeeshop, and then went for a walk.

Our downtown?  All mural’ed and beautiful?  You betcha! (This you betcha has been Sarah Palin approved)

Gorgeous… and many other adjectives PG to PG-13 rated. =o)

While Erica and Josh both changed clothes in my portable changing booth, I was off getting the ring shots of all engagement session ring shots. =o)

I wonder what this says about marriage, relationships, and the such?  I love the colors, the contrast, everything!

All about shadows, sunset lighting, and texture baby!

I call this shot the “Lord of the Bling”.  Do you remember that scene in Lord of the Rings where the evil guy
who’s super all powerful but contained in that all seeing eye?  Totally an homage to this  -

OMG, the heels… again ladies.  If you put the effort in, I will make it worth your while!

Check out Josh totally diggin’ on Erica. =o)  Love this shot.

Totally a cinematic feel to this shot.  The couple, alone on the street, pan camera right… and action!

Who says nighttime, misfires and candids aren’t gorgeous?  Not me… I adore realness, and it doesn’t get any more real than this!

And Josh & Erica’s curtain call for the evening.

Another awesome couple… another 4 1/2 engagement shoot, and just a normal day at work for Red Vine Studios.  We could not do it without the love and support of our Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Fans & Family, nor the support of gorgeous, young couples in love who have chosen us to capture them in a real, tactile, way.  Coincidentally, when you book ANY wedding with Red Vine Studios you get a free engagement session with no real set time limit.  My limit is gorgeousness.  If we’re done in 2 hours, awesome.  I’ve gone as long as 6, yes… on an engagement session.  This is the time where we work together, for the overall good of your wedding day, our relationship and most importantly killer photos. =o)

I am way beyond blessed.  So be on watch here at the blog for some exciting news following my arrival home next week.  2009 and 2010 wedding discounts, more awesome photos, wedding posts, coupons for print discounts, and much much more.

Pray we ALL… have an awesome weekend and be sure to check out Trish and Dustin’s engagement session right below this post.

Red Vine Studios

July 16, 2009 - 9:41 PM

teri lippincott - Absolutely Loved Josh & Erica’s photo’s cant wait to see the Wedding. Erica was a Gorgeous Bride..

July 14, 2009 - 12:25 PM

Jeremy Clay - Hey man! I got your messages, Facebook crashed on me but they were there when I came back!

Set looks great! Nice poses, vibrant colours, great work. :)

July 11, 2009 - 10:35 AM

Staci, Rebecca, Kerri, Andrea, Tedi, Hannah, Brittany - We love you! Awesome pictures.

July 11, 2009 - 10:13 AM

andrea - Congrats Erica and Josh, I looove you both! You look amazing!

July 10, 2009 - 7:23 AM

Chris - Love love love #5! great lighting and perspective!

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