Matt & Alicia Hoss – A Red Vine Studios Nathaniel Greene Park Wedding – Springfield, MO

Hey everyone!  It’s been a busy few weeks with many engagement shoots and lots of late night editing sessions.  With the cable modem being up and down and up and down for the past three weeks, it’s good to be back online, all fixed up and getting client galleries online again!  Yay!!!

Today, I have the honor of posting a photoshoot that just happened yesterday, September 8th, 2009.  Matt & Alicia Hoss are a brand new, 1 day old, newlyweds!!!  Matt’s a Marine and Alicia is a dear friend from Baptist Bible College here in Springfield, Missouri.  I’ve had the complete pleasure of photographing Alicia back when she was a freshman, along with her roommate at the time.  From that moment on, she became a quick fan of my work and her face has graced my cameras as recently as just a few months ago this spring 2009. 

When I found out she was getting married, I of course found out all the juicy details, etc.  For now, they celebrated at a local park in a very small family gathering, saving a larger celebration for a later date.  That didn’t put a downer on the awesome weather we were blessed to receive from the good Lord above and the proof is in the pudding… or the photos.  They are SO photogenic and I swear my camera and memory cards were smokin’ after this session.  The photos are just… what’s the word??  HOT!  =o)

So all I can say to Matt & Alicia and all of their family waiting for the full photo gallery in the upcoming weeks is this Congratulations to you ALL!  I wish I could of stayed all day, but the photo time we had beforehand was simply amazing.  God bless you all!!

So here, we present for the first time on the Red Vine Studios blog, Matt & Alicia Hoss: The photoshoot!

We shot at Nathaniel Greene Park here in Springfield, MO. 

Told you they are smokin’!!  These two wonderful people just couldn’t take their eyes off each other.
Matt just flew in the night before, as we all followed Alicia facebook updates on the status of his flight. Awww!

They just belong together!  And in honor of the Marines… EYES LEFT!!


Let’s just say these two missed each other a lot over the past few months… =o)

A kind worker at the park let us into the Japanese Stroll Gardens which is a gorgeous location to shoot in, and usually costs.  Thanks Mister!!

Did I ever mention my love of the bamboo at the stroll garden? =o)
Here it’s not only shaded us from some early morning sun, but it has helped deliver a gorgeous portrait!

And when I say I LOVE the bamboo… =o)  I mean it!  Utterly gorgeous!

I love how Matt is just lost into looking so deeply at his wife to be.  At this moment, it was but a scant 1 1/2 hrs. away!

My favorite photo from the entire day… from the tip toes that Alicia has to pull off just to reach her tall Marine to the bamboo.  Love it all! 

What would the stroll gardens be, if they didn’t take a short stroll? =o)

And what would ANY photoshoot by Red Vine Studios be without some bling bling rocking ring shots?

Whomever picked the ring out, did a stellar job as the backdrop of the sky shows off so clearly.

Second favorite set of photos from the day!  OMG, so cute!!!  No really… The set up…

and the completion. =o)

Decided to bust out some photoshop lovin’ on quite a few of these today.  I’m diggin’ this action today.

Just a gorgeous couple, completely, entirely in love and an honor to work for!

Again, I am so blessed and proud to present my dear friends… Matt & Alicia (Rodriquez) Hoss!


Thank you for your viewing time this day or evening.  If you enjoyed anything you’ve seen here on the blog or website please take 5 minutes and leave a comment for the lovely couple above, or on another post.  If you’re inquiring about a wedding date, please be sure to get ahold of me immediately as meetings and bookings for late 2009 and Spring 2010 are already happening.

God bless!

Red Vine Studios

March 26, 2010 - 11:51 PM

Brian Mullins - Great job on these Tim! The ring shots and her jumping up on him are spectacular!

September 10, 2009 - 9:21 AM

Jodi Douglas - You two are a beautiful couple. Congrats!

September 9, 2009 - 9:06 PM

Aunt Vicki - My most handsome and wonderful nephew…can’t believe he’s all grown up and married!! But…he hit the jackpot!!! Alicia…welcome to our family!! We love you both!!

September 9, 2009 - 6:39 PM

Christy Msal - Beautiful couple – beautiful pictures!! Good work tim!

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